Monday, February 18, 2013

The Shelf

IMG_3304Back in October, while we were out in Washington, my Lutheran Stud and I visited our old stomping grounds. We had lunch at our favorite restaurant and then walked around marveling at how things had changed. We walked into Anthropologie and saw this shelf. I jokingly asked my Lutheran Stud if he could make me a shelf like that when we got back to Washington.
_MG_1076.jpgJust before Christmas this shelf was finished. Then there were a few coats of stain and the work of figuring out how and where to hang it.
_MG_1077.jpgThis is the finished shelf. With the help of a few friends the shelf looks amazing! When you walk into our house this is the first thing that you see! It's perfect for this huge random wall in our home.
_MG_1082.jpgA little Pyrex adds a splash of color to the shelf don't you think?
_MG_1083.jpgTexas memories will never be forgotten thanks to Adriane.
_MG_1080.jpgBookshelves definitely need books on them, so Kellee brought over some old Arch books.
_MG_1084.jpgFor history we've been reading old Landmark books. They are the least politcal books out there, that we have been able to find. I love the color that they add to the shelf.
IMG_3765My Lutheran Stud truly knows how to work with studs!! He also built new beds for our older girls that are suspended from the ceiling. Now I'm trying to figure out what to have him build me next. :)


Lauren said...

That thing is massive. It looks great on that wall and it's so colorful. Way to go, Jared!

Bree Soncrant said...

This is too cute! I love it!
is there a picture of the beds!? I'd love to see those too!