Tuesday, February 19, 2013


_MG_9230.jpgBelieve it or not, most days, even with 6 children around, my home is pretty quiet. When school is finished for the day and chores are too you can often find my children in random places around our home. 
_MG_1014.jpgWe've discovered Playaways from our local library.
_MG_1027.jpgI have to say that they are the best thing ever! Do you or your children enjoy listening to books on tape CDs? Playaways are like a CD and CD player all-in-one.  All that is required are personal ear phones.
_MG_1023.jpgThere's no need to fight over a CD player to listen to your favorite novel. All you do is plug your earphones in, push play, and off you go into a land of make believe!
_MG_1018.jpgThe expressions are often priceless.
_MG_1006.jpgI love that my children like to listen to stories being read to them. Their imaginations get to go crazy and their vocabulary has also grown.
_MG_1073.jpgEven Elizabeth likes to listen every once in awhile. Not being able to read on her own listening to stories has been a great alternative._MG_1029.jpgMy children love to read the book before or after listening to the same book on a Playaway. Sometimes they'll even read along as they listen.

_MG_9226.jpgThey get so engrossed in their stories that there are times that I can't get their attention and sometimes I can't even find them. These Playaways have been a win win in our household. I get a little quiet time during the day and the children are able to listen to challenging books. They love sharing what is going on in their Playaways and they look forward to picking up more books and Playaways at the library.


Lauren said...

Those look awesome. I'm jealous that we don't have anything like that. But my favorite part is that your boys have perched themselves in a small nook above your fireplace. Awesome.

Gretchen said...

Those are incredible! We only have the old-fashioned CDs at our library. Kate listens to books on CD often before bed and I usually find her fast asleep with her headphones on.

But I actually thought "playaway" was a portmanteau for playplace-hideaway when I saw that first picture! How adorable are your boys perched above the fireplace?

Kellee said...

Where did all the things go that were above the fireplace is what I want to know! Hopefully you moved them and not the bo7849mstrydrys:)

Alissa said...

What a great idea! Which library system are you in? Broomfield? Denver? The Boulder system doesn't carry them.

Alissa said...

Nifty! What library system do you use? Broomfield? Denver? The Boulder system doesn't carry these.