Friday, February 1, 2013

Numbers Are Deceiving

_MG_0822.jpgA few weeks ago I turned 34. My children and lovely Lutheran Stud went straight to work on a cake while I was out running around. I didn't think that 34 seemed that old, and I still don't, except when I saw the numbers on the cake. Yikes! 
IMG_3812We celebreated by going out to dinner one evening. Barbeque on a salad was quite good. We filled up on ribs and macaroni. There was no room for dessert. We had a great evening out. Here's to another year of getting older. :)


Heather said...

Happy Birthday! 34 is still closer to 30 than 40. :)

JAN said...

Well, that definitely makes me feel better, Heather. Thanks! ;)

G said...

Happy happy birthday Jan! And 34 is sooooo much closer to 30 than 60! Besides, you don't look a day over 15.
God bless you with many more memorable birthdays,all with the camera turned on YOU!