Thursday, January 3, 2013

We Love to Get Away

_MG_0247.jpgThe week before Christmas we took a little drive towards those mountains.
_MG_0193.jpgAs we got closer, the beautiful, snow-capped mountains became more clear. We were offered an overnight stay at the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park. We couldn't resist, so we packed up the children and hit the road.
_MG_0200.jpgThe YMCA is filled with fabulous family activities. You should never hear the word "bored" out of your children's mouths while you're here. We rolled into town just in time for an oragami class.
_MG_0208.jpgRachel is the origami lover in our family, so when she saw this class on the schedule she really wanted to try it.
_MG_0195.jpgThe older children joined in to see if they could compete with Rachel's mad skills.
_MG_0197.jpgDavid was a little young, but since our children were the only ones in the class our brave instructor agreed to let David participate in the class.
_MG_0202.jpgThe little girls were able to pick out coloring pages to color during the class.
_MG_0199.jpgThis kept their attention for about 10 minutes before they began exploring other things in their view.
_MG_0206.jpgDavid turned out to be quite good at origami. The instructor was impressed.
After that class we found the indoor pool. It was almost completely empty and the children were able to enjoy many trips down the water slide.
Our dinner arrived just as our friends pulled in to join us for the evening. 
_MG_0216.jpgWe stayed up all night in a lodge similar to this one. There was just one other vehicle in the parking lot, so we thought there was maybe, just one other family staying in that lodge besides us and the Wolfmuellers. It's a good thing because all of our children did a lot of exploring and seemed to play musical bedrooms that night. The next day brought some more fun, so stay tuned. . .

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