Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Work and Play On the Farm

_MG_0623.jpgWhen we arrived in Yakima there was a lot of work that needed to be done. There was no time to just sit around.
_MG_0628.jpgThe children went right to work gathering all the walnuts that had fallen to the ground. Those poor squirrels have no idea where all of their nuts went.
_MG_0633.jpgI have no idea how many pounds they picked, but I came home with several walnuts!
_MG_0630.jpgDid you know that walnuts look like this before they are ripe? Kind of cool, huh?
_MG_0637.jpgMy two little girls have a fear of dogs, but it didn't take long before Allie and Elizabeth became BFFs.
_MG_0673.jpgThey were given a short break to enjoy some walnuts, although they had to figure out how to get them open.
_MG_0648.jpgA wheelbarrow full of walnuts! 
_MG_0658.jpgElizabeth also made friends with the cats that were everywhere.
_MG_9222.jpgThe lawn needed to be mowed desperately.
_MG_9244.jpgBut then, this happened. Smoke is bad news.
_MG_9233.jpgAnd then, this happened.
_MG_9256.jpgWhile that was happening, David was playing on the other tractor. "Look, Mom, I'm airborne!"
_MG_9246.jpgThomas played with fresh cut grass. My allergies are flaring up just looking at him with that grass.
_MG_9257.jpgStraps (or bungees) can make everything better.
_MG_9214.jpgThere was a little time to play around after the walnuts had been picked up.
_MG_9226.jpgRebecca (she's just 1 1/5 inches shorter than me) has grown like a weed making things that seem simple a little more difficult to accomplish. ;)
_MG_9252.jpgAllie was so patient with all of our children. She put up with a lot from them.
_MG_0683.jpgGator rides were always welcome fun on the farm.

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Lauren said...

My boys are drooling over that gator, tractor, mower, all of it. Your weather looked great and the grass is so green is beautiful.