Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Massive Make-up Bag

_MG_0143.jpgLately, I've been obessed with sewing these adorable makeup bags. They're such a quick and easy project to make, and they are amazing gifts, especially for Christmas. I used mine on my trip to Texas as well as our trip out to Washington. Now it stays in my purse with an extra change of clothes for my baby girls.  Recently, my friend Edie, asked if I'd write a tutorial and do a guest post on her blog. Being the super sweet gal that she is, no one can say no to her, so that's just what I did.If you missed that post on Edie's blog have no fear, I'm posting it here for you too! 
_MG_9385.jpgOften times I have things in my head that I would love to make, but then I'm stuck without a pattern. I've been thinking of making an EXTRA large cosmetic case for awhile now. They're fabulous for travel or even just to carry things in a diaper bag or even to keep in a glove box. You never know when it might come in handy. With a few friends' birthdays coming I figured it would be the perfect time to get moving on this project. I began browsing Pinterest with no success, so after a little trial and error I came up with this pattern. 
_MG_9340.jpgI have a friend that loves buntings, so when I saw this fabric I couldn't passs it up. That fabric, on top, will be used for the outside of your bag. The bottom, green fabric, will be on the inside.
_MG_9341.jpgWhat makes this bag unique is that I've lined it with vinyl, so it's easy to wipe clean or you can use it for wet things and the outside won't get wet.
31woFGpfw-L._SY450_For the vinyl I just used this iron on stuff. It's pretty dreamy and easy to use. Now I just want to iron this vinyl to everything because I have 6 kids and it would make cleaning a lot easier. I love it!_MG_9342.jpgHere's where things may get a little tricky, so hopefully I don't lose you and I don't confuse myself. First, you will want to iron heavyweight interfacing to the wrong side of your bunting fabric. It will give your bag more stability. (This step is not pictured.) Next, lay your outer fabric right side up and your zipper face down on top of it. 
_MG_9346.jpgThen take your lining fabric and lay it face down on top of the zipper, which is also face down. Then you are going to sew along the edge of the zipper. This is where a zipper foot really comes in handy.
_MG_9349.jpgAfter you've sewn these pieces together, open it up and this is what it looks like.
_MG_9350.jpgIron your fabric along the zipper, but be careful not to get the hot iron on the vinyl. That could be detrimental to the project.
_MG_9352.jpgNow repeat the above steps with the other fabric pieces and other side of the zipper.

_MG_9354.jpgThis is what it looks like when both sides have been sewn. If you turn the bag over you will have the green pieces laying right side out. Got it?
_MG_9356.jpgCarefully edge stich along the zipper on both sides, making sure the vinyl undernath is not part of the edge stitiching.
_MG_9358.jpgOpen the zipper halfway. Don't forget this step or you'll be sorry later. 
_MG_9359.jpgNow lay your bag so that the right sides of all fabric pieces are facing inward. It should be green on green and bunting on bunting. Pin the edges together. Then sew along the outside edge with a 1/2 inch seam allowance. Be sure to leave about a 2 inch opening at the bottom center of the green fabric. That is where you will be turning the bag inside out.
_MG_9362.jpgClip all four corners.
Here's another tricky part. This is how we make the bag stand on its own. At the corners of the bag, on all for sides, match the side seam with the bottom seam. It should form a triangle.
_MG_9364.jpgSmash it down and sew along the edge with a 2 inch seam allowance.
_MG_9366.jpg You are going to do this on all four sides.
_MG_9370.jpgThen trim the edges. It's always hard for me to cut these corners off, but it's got to be done. If they aren't cut off things will be a little puffy later. And, we definitely don't want that.
_MG_9372.jpgRemember that opening you left at the bottom of the bag? Now it's time to utilize it. We're going to turn this bag inside out now!
_MG_9374.jpgI like to stick one of the farthest corners through the hole first and then work the rest of the bag through the hole.
_MG_9377.jpgThere! Everything is now right side out.
_MG_9379.jpgNow we need to sew up that opening at the bottom of the bag. You can sew this by hand for a more polished finish or you can do it the lazy way, like me, by using the sewing machine. 
_MG_9381.jpgOnce that is finished you can tuck the inside back into the bag and you're finished! 
_MG_9386.jpgSee? Pretty easy peasy, right? Now go and make a hundred more and give them to your friends for Christmas!
  • 1-12 inch zipper
  • 2-14x10 inch pieces of heavyweight fusible interfacing
  • 2-14x10 inch pieces of outer fabric
  • 2-14x10 inch pieces of inner fabric
  • 2-14x10 inch pieces iron on vinyl
  • Matching thread of your choice
  1. Fuse interfacing to outer fabric pieces and iron vinyl to inner fabric pieces.
  2. Lay outer fabric right side up. Place zipper face down on top of outer fabric. Place inner fabric wrong side up on top of zipper. Sew along the edge of the zipper with a zipper foot.
  3. Repeat on step 2 on other side of zipper.
  4. Iron outer fabric along the zipper. Then edge stitch along the zipper, careful not to sew the green fabric.
  5. Turn bag inside out, so right sides of outer fabric are facing each other and right sides of inner fabric are facing each other. Unzip zipper halfway.
  6. Pin edges and sew along the outside of the bag with 1/2 inch seam allowance, leaving a 2 inch opening at the bottom center of the inner fabric for turning, later. Trim all 4 corners.
  7. Match side seams with bottom seam creating a triangle. Sew the triangle with a 2 inch seam allowance. Trim the excess seam allowance.
  8. Turn bag inside out through opening at the bottom of the bag. Sew opening closed.
  9. Tuck inside of bag into bag. Finished!

_MG_9647.jpgDo you want an idea how ginormous this bag really is? That's my 4 year old, holding the bag, filled to the gills with awesomeness.
_MG_9637.jpgWhen I travel, I don't travel light when it comes to toiletries and cosmetics. I want to have as much, of my things, with me as a I can. You never know what you might need for different occasions. It's best to be prepared. (On a side note, the pink Beauty Blender is awesome. Get one. Once you have one you'll wonder how you lived without one for so long.)
_MG_9633.jpgYes! It all fits into the cosmetic bag. It also zips. Now you'll notice that it isn't completely full. There's room for more. Perhaps I'll add a toothbrush and some toothpaste since it seems I forgot to add them to the photo.
_MG_9641.jpgNow you're thinking, "Toiletries and cosmetics. Big deal." Right? How about 6 swimming suits? That's right.
_MG_9646.jpgThis bag is great for wet bathing suits. I fit all 6 of my children's swim wear into that bag. It's perfect if you're at a hotel or somewhere that makes it difficult to store wet items.
_MG_9648.jpgElizabeth can hardly contain the excitement over the versatility of this ginormous bag! Now you really need to make a few for yourself and your friends.


Mellissa Rose said...

Love the bag & your adorable little one holding it!

cotec007 said...

The bags are pretty. The amazing part to me is you have 6 kids and still have time to DIY some pouches. Kuddos you are awesome!