Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Little Photo Bomber

_MG_0167.jpgChristmas cards have been arriving daily and we love them, so keep them coming! The other day we recieved this card from our dear friends who now live in Illinois. They came out to visit us this summer and I snapped some photos of them for their Christmas card. We had a good laugh when we received this card. They requested that Anna be included in their photo. She fits right in, don't you think? Rebecca asked if this was a special card sent just to us. When she realized that many people will be receiving their card, and many of them probably don't even know Anna, she couldn't stop laughing. Merry Christmas, Fiene family. We miss you and our children are always available to make an appearance in your Christmas cards. :)


Katie Fiene said...

She is the cutest little photo bomber ever! Thanks for sharing her.

Lauren said...

That is the most hilariously awesome thing ever. The world needs more Christmas cards/letters like that. Well done, Fiene family. :)