Sunday, December 2, 2012

Lunch, a Scavenger Hunt, and Some Chickens, Oh My!

_MG_0564.jpgOur time in Seattle came to an end, but our time in Washington was still rockin'.
_MG_0572.jpgWe left the west side of the mountains while the fog was still low, and as we moved closer to the mountains we spotted a little snow.
_MG_0582.jpgThe Washington landscapes are just breathtaking, especially in the fall.
_MG_0584.jpgWe arrived in Wenatchee, at the home of My Lutheran Stud's Uncle Conrad and Aunt Diana's, just in time for a fabulous lunch. Conrad and Diana have a little cherry orchard, so we got to enjoy some homemade cherry jam and other goodies from their garden. 
_MG_0589.jpgThey also have chickens and our children had a blast with them.
_MG_0592.jpgDiana created a little scavenger hunt for the children and they set off on a fun trail created by Conrad and Diana. It was so cool!
_MG_0598.jpgThe weather was perfect for some outdoor exploring.
_MG_0599.jpgGrapes were part of the scavenger hunt. Look what was found!
_MG_0602.jpgAfter the children finished the scavenger hunt it was time to get some chickens back in the pen. Elizabeth was such a hoot to watch. She had so much fun chasing those little chickens.
_MG_0606.jpgWhen the chickens got wind that it was time to return to their pen they scattered in all different directions.
_MG_0612.jpgThe children were able to pen all, but one of them, which ended up being found after we left. The chickens had no idea what hit them with 6 children chasing them down.
_MG_0613.jpgOh, boy! What a fun afternoon. Who would have thought that penning chickens could be so fun. I think I should enter our children in a chicken penning competition. They make a pretty good team.
_MG_0616.jpgAll of the squash, pumpkins, and gourds came out of Conrad and Diana's garden. They make for great decorations, don't they?
photo.jpgChasing chickens can be pretty tiring, but perfect when you've got another 2 hours on the road.
_MG_0619.jpgOver the river we went until we arrived in Yakima. . .


Adriane said...

Love it. All of it.

Kellee said...

These are my favorite pictures of your trip so far! Looks like fun.