Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Traditions

_MG_0144.jpgEarlier this month the WIM (Women In Mission) ladies in our church hosted a ladies brunch at our church. The theme was Lutheran Christmas Traditions. I don't believe that all of the traditions, that were shared, were actually "Lutheran" but they were fun to learn about none the less.
_MG_0145.jpgTables were wonderfully decorated with a Christmas tradition in mind.
_MG_0147.jpgBeing the good Lutheran that I am I chose to sit at the Advent wreath table.
_MG_0148.jpgThe traditions were shared and hymns were sung to go along with each tradition.
_MG_0149.jpgThere was also a matching ornament for each tradtion. I was given many of the ornaments and would love to share them with you on my own tree, however, we don't even have our tree up yet. My lovely daughter, Rebecca was left to decorate the little tree at church instead.
_MG_0150.jpgThe company was was wonderful and as always we had fantastic array of food to eat. Unfortuantely, we had a small emergency complete with paramedics and firemen visiting our church. Everything turned okay, but I ended up, leaving early, to meet my Lutheran Stud at the hospital. He was out running errands with our younger children and ended up needing to make an emergency hospital call. Thus, I am left with very few photos from our lovely event and I missed out on a few of the fun activities.
_MG_0151.jpgThis year, December seems to have crept up on us and now Christmas is just around the corner. We eagerly await the birth of Jesus even if we aren't ready for it. How about you? Are you ready for Christmas? Is your shopping done? Are your cards and gifts in the mail? I've decided not to stress over everything and just enjoy things as they come. There are 12 days of Christmas beginning on December 25, and lasting until Epiphany. That means we still have plenty of time to get all of our fun Christmas activities in right? Good. Maybe we'll have a tree up before Christmas Eve and maybe not. Yikes!

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