Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Morning

_MG_0300.jpgThe first day of Christmas had our children waking up to the sight of this. It was like they were in heaven, except they weren't allowed to touch or open any of these gifts. I know, I've been told that I'm the meanest mom ever.
_MG_0301.jpgThere was, however, a lot of "oohing and ahhing." There's a gentleman in our congregation that likes to hit up garage sales during the summer months. One Sunday he brought me a huge box of old vintage wrapping paper. He told me that when he saw all the wrapping paper he thought of me and all of the presents I would be wrapping since we have 6 children. He quickly snatched up the box, gave it to me, and told me to enjoy the black Santa wrapping paper. Not wanting to waste a thoughtful gift I used the paper, of course.
_MG_0302.jpgI thoroghly enjoyed this paper. They just don't make paper like this anymore.
_MG_0313.jpgOh! The reason my children were unable to open any gifts when they awoke was because we went to church to celebrate the birth of Christ Jesus. What a beautiful morning it was too! After church we even got to enjoy some cake and coffee. My children were so well behaved and patient that morning.
_MG_0316.jpgWhen we got home this started.
_MG_0318.jpgAnd this happened.
_MG_0321.jpgMy little girls love their Little People.
_MG_0326.jpgClothes is always needed around here.
_MG_0327.jpgAnd soon, my house looked like it had been hit by a tornado.
_MG_0333.jpgForget cleaning up it's time to play with my new Little People. We hope you all enjoyed your Christmases as much as we have this week. Don't forget it's still Christmas!

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Lauren said...

Your girls' dresses look so pretty! Willa was sporting black and hot pink too.

Merry Christmas!