Thursday, November 1, 2012

We're Going to Pump You Up!

IMG_2161Apparently we missed out on the Indian summer that was happening in Seattle before we arrived. It rained when we arrived. Then it rained some more. That makes it difficult to plan activites outside. My parents thought it would be fun to rent Pump It Up. They were right. We were able to invite some extra friends too! Friends I haven't seen in years, and who also, now, have children of their own.
IMG_2157Our children had a fabulous time and slept in late the next morning. There was a waiting room with goofy mirrors.
IMG_2187Yei and Anna had to climb some steep steps to go down the slide.
IMG_2204Jyll is my cousin's little girl. 
_MG_0078.jpgMy dad even enjoyed the slide!
_MG_0080.jpgElizabeth is our dainty child that never takes risks and isn't a thrill seeker.
IMG_2196Anna, on the other hand, enjoys a good thrill.
_MG_0096.jpgSomehow, bouncy balls began appearing on the slide.
_MG_0097.jpgMy brother and Lutheran Stud threw balls at the children as they slid down the slide.
_MG_0103.jpgMy dad just missed catching that ball.
_MG_0116.jpgDavid made a pretty impressive catch though.
_MG_0101.jpgThere was even a little car to drive around.
_MG_0094.jpgMy friend, Bree came by with her boys. I had never met her boys. It was so fun to see her.
_MG_0091.jpgMy friend Karen and her family stopped in too. Also, Crystal came by with her new baby boy. I can't believe I don't have a photo of them. Ugh! He is so stinkin' adorable!
_MG_0127.jpgOh look! Rebecca is holding little Gunner. These kids were beat when their time was up, but the wanted to keep playing too. We had so much fun and it was so good to see old friends!


Heather said...

They have a slide like that at Little Monkey Bizness where we like to go sometimes. I love how well the kids nap after places like this!

Looks like a fun trip :) Love your dainty Elizabeth.

Bree Soncrant said...

YAY! I've made the blog!! love it! It was so good seeing you and your beautiful family. Thanks again for thinking of us!