Thursday, November 29, 2012

Our Time in Seattle Comes to an End

_MG_0268.jpgIt didn't rain in Seattle the entire time we were there. In fact, the sun even came out for awhile, and when it did we took full advantage of it.
_MG_0304.jpgThere's a business park where I grew up playing many soccer and softball games. The streets are lined with beautiful trees, especially during the fall. We could not have come at a more beautiful time of year. Can you predict what is about is about to happen?
_MG_0308.jpgHow does that not make you smile when you see leaves flying in the air?
_MG_0316.jpgI think we did get a couple good family shots though.
_MG_0361.jpgMy Lutheran Stud works his magic to make everyone laugh. It usually works too.
_MG_0455.jpgYou can't see him, but my Lutheran Stud is working his magic again.
_MG_0458.jpgOur last night in Seattle was spent at my brother and sister-in-law's house.
_MG_0457.jpgThey have a pool table in their living room. Rebecca's trying to figure out the ins and outs of this game, and if my Lutheran Stud is any good.
_MG_0479.jpgIt turns out that neither my Lutheran Stud nor my brother are any good at pool when they are playing against my cousin. It's a good thing there wasn't any money on the table. ;)
_MG_0502.jpgWe even managed to get a group shot of everyone. We had some pretty good times in Seattle. Maybe we'll even return for another visit someday. :)


Adriane said...

Did you use your magical remote? You totally did, didn't you?

Colleen said...

Those pictures are stunning Jan. Such fantastic colors.

JAN said...

Adriane, of course I used my remote. I don't leave home without it anymore. ;)

Thanks, Colleen!