Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Harvest Festival

_MG_0220.jpgIf you ever try and plan anything around the weather forecast in Seatte, then you would probably never do anything. People around here just pretend the rain doesn't exist for as long as they can.
_MG_0221.jpgThere's a cute, little, old-fashioned shopping area near my parents' house called Country Village. It's been there forever. I remember going there, often, when I was young.
_MG_0183.jpgThere's a random smattering of shops, from Antiques to. . . 
_MG_0188.jpga hair salon for children. FYI, Bella and Max gives free bang trims if you get your hair cut there regularly. My niece, Lola, took full advantage of this the day we were there.
IMG_7454As we explored the Country Village Harvest Festival this pumpkin lady showed up.
IMG_7458Then this crazy clown showed up too!
IMG_7482Random chickens roamed the grounds. 
IMG_2314Unfortunately, my Lutheran Stud couldn't join us. He flew back to Denver for the day, for a funeral, so we had to have fun without him.
_MG_0200.jpgThe train area had a miniature working train. It was so cool!
_MG_0203.jpgThen we sent all the children on a train ride with Yei and Grandpa.
IMG_3279The rain didn't bother them one bit.
_MG_0209.jpgThe little girls and Rebecca pulled up the rear of the train.

IMG_3283There was even a pirate ship for a playground. It started pouring down rain, but that didn't stop these kids from playing. 
IMG_3290After an afternoon in the cold rain we brought all of the children home with some kettle corn and a movie. My brother, who still thinks he's a teenager, plays on a flag football team and had a game in the evening. 
IMG_3292Rebecca had never been to a football game before and really wanted to go, so she and I braved the rain and went to his game. While my brother's team didn't fair well, I think Rebecca enjoyed her "first" football game. I wanted to leave early, but she wanted to stay. Like I said, the rain in Seattle doesn't stop people from getting out. 

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Lauren said...

How fun, except for the rain, of course.

And bummer for Jared that he had to take off.