Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Sea of Purple

_MG_0166.jpgPeople who haven't known my Lutheran Stud or me forever often ask where we met. We both attended the University of Washington (UW) for our undergrad degrees. He was actually the resident advisor (RA) for the floor above the one in which I lived. We went to many football games during our time at UW. Since leaving Washington we haven't been back during football season, so when we were in Seattle just a month ago and saw that our alma mater had a home game we made it a goal to make it to the game.
_MG_0153.jpgMy in-laws drove over the mountains, but not through the woods, to attend the game with us. Construction is currently going on at the old Husky Stadium, so the Huskies played all of their home games at Century Link Field, home of the Seattle Seahawks. Century Link field is pretty new to us since it was built after we left Seattle. We had never been to this field before, so it was a welcomed expericence. There was a sea of purple in the stands. It was pretty awesome!
_MG_0182.jpgI can't say the same for the game, though. We were hopeful for a win, but that didn't happen. The stadium was filled during the game, but as the minutes on the clocked chipped away, in the 4th quarter, the stands began to empty quickly. USC came out with the win, but we had a great time at the game anyway.
_MG_9965.jpgWhen looking at the Huskies' schedule we were excited to find out that they were coming to Colorado. You know what that means. To make things even better, or unfortunate if you're a Colorado fan, the Buffs have had a dismal season. This meant that we were able to find tickets for dirt cheap. Score!
_MG_0001.jpgTheir season has been so bad that the student section was incredibly sparse. We were told that usually it is packed, but this year, not so much.
_MG_9968.jpgMy Lutheran Stud did his research when he purchased our tickets. Obviously we wanted to cheer for our team from the visitors side. 
_MG_9960.jpgThe game started out slower than we had expected, but then we scored and I could breath again.
Oh look! We're going to score again.
_MG_0010.jpgAnd again.
_MG_9973.jpgColorado University's mascot is a buffalo. Can you tell? Before the game, and before the beginning of the second half these men run Ralphie around the field while trying to keep their cowboy hats from falling off their heads and trying to hold on to Ralphie at the same time. I'm sure Ralphie could take them all down if he wanted.
_MG_9976.jpgWell, things were looking pretty good for our Huskies. There was no way the Buffs could catch us now.
_MG_0021.jpgMy Lutheran Stud was pretty excited as the game was coming to an end, as were the other Husky fans. We couldn't sit down over all the excitement.
_MG_0013.jpgThe game came to an end with our team winning by a large margin.
_MG_0023.jpgThe players came over to the visitors section and as the band played our school's fight song we all sang! That game totally made up for the game we attended in Seattle. Good times for sure.
Buddha Basil Pizza
We were famished after the game so we headed over to The Sink for pizza. Apparently many others had the same idea. We met some pretty interesting people, including one young man who has already taken advantage of the recently passed Amendment 64. He was pretty happy, although we were too. The pizza was fabulous. If you're ever in town you must visit The Sink!


Ewe said...

Hey, I know someone who has a picture in the Thrivent calendar! Congratulations!

JAN said...

Thank you, Rachel! Enjoy your calendar. :)