Tuesday, October 30, 2012


_MG_0060.jpgWe arrived in Seattle and our children couldn't be happier, which some people may find strange, because when you enter my parents' home it's like there is never ending paparazzi around. My mom has a camera, my dad has a camera, and I have a camera. Do you think this is a disease that runs in the family? I suppose my children should be used to it, right?
_MG_0067.jpgMy brother arrived in style leaving my Lutheran Stud wanting his Ducati. I can see why, after being stuck in a car with 6 children for 2 days.
IMG_2047My brother is a techie, though he won't admit it if you ask. He works on Windows machines, but I'm always asking him how to do things on my Mac.
IMG_2051Is there app so we can share playlists? Hmm. . .maybe that only comes on the Samsung Galaxy. ;)
_MG_0077.jpgWe had had enough of being cooped up inside, so we hit the nearby outlet mall.
IMG_2007Be sure to load up on quarters before you go. Quarters can do a lot of entertaining while adults do some shopping.
IMG_2031You can even fit more than a few people on one ride. Stay tuned for more adventures in Washington!


Lauren said...

You should get Jared a motorcycle for Christmas, Jan. C'mon. Just do it.

Heather said...

You know what? If you were to ask me what my BEST childhood memories were, I'd say, hands down--our family road trips.

This is wonderful! I love seeing your kids enjoying this, and you look so cute Jan!

Keep these posts coming. I'm living through you right now :)

Gretchen said...

I spy an extra kid in the group photo. Did your brother bring her on the motorcycle?!?

Kellee said...

This looks so fun and I am glad you each have a camera. You make in some of the pictures that way!

DeAnn Hein said...

Road trips are the best-even if they leave you needing a vacation on your own once you get home and finish all the laundry. :)