Wednesday, September 19, 2012

From the Jungle

IMG_2855It looks like things are coming to end for this jungle of a garden. We've harvested hundreds, and I literally mean hundreds, of pounds of tomatoes, along with green beans, cucumbers, onions, and some carrots. We also still have a ton of pumpkins and winter squash just waiting to be plucked out of our garden.
_MG_9230.jpgThe melons were wonderful this year. The cantaloupe were super sweet and beautiful.
_MG_9237.jpgWe also had a few musk melons that, to me, tasted just like the cantaloupe. They were much bigger than last year and tasted a lot better too.
_MG_9239.jpgWe only had a few watermelons and this one in particular was the biggest one that grew. It was pretty sweet though full of seeds. I think the melons may have enjoyed the heat this summer.


Gretchen said...

IMO the whole "muskmelon/cantaloupe" thing is so South Dakota. I'd never even heard of a muskmelon till we moved there!

Kellee said...

That is funny Gretchen, Mom always calls them muskmelon. We call them cantaloupes. It must be a Midwestern thing!

JAN said...

Are cantaloupe and musk melon the same thing? I had never heard of musk melon either, but someone at church kept calling them musk melons, so I went with it. The melons look different but, tasted the same.