Tuesday, September 25, 2012

DIY Cake Plate

_MG_9521.jpgI have been drooling over this cake stand for months hoping that maybe I'll be able to thrift one, but knowing I probably won't. Then, the other week, my friend Colleen was having a book release party (more on that another time) and I saw the cake plate at the party. I just about swiped it and ran, but there was cake on top of it. Imagine that. ("Hi, Colleen!") Anyway, Kellee has known that I've been wanting that cake plate forever and the chances of finding one at a decent price probably wasn't going to happen. She found the dishes you see above and brought them to me. She told me to make my own cake stand.
_MG_9519.jpgI had just seen a tutorial in a Martha Stewart Living magazine about making your own cake stands, so this was perfect timing. Heather suggested I use this E6000 stuff, so off to Hobby Lobby I went with my 40% off coupon.
_MG_9523.jpgFirst you need to take some measurements. Then make some markings on the bottom of your large plate. You can use a Sharpie since it will be covered up anyway.
_MG_9524.jpgThen dribble some glue over your markings.
_MG_9525.jpgNext, add  some glue to the bottom of the cute little candy dish. Let them both sit for a few minutes.
_MG_9527.jpgThen glue the two pieces together. 
_MG_9529.jpgLeave it alone and don't let anyone touch it for 24-72 hours to let the glue dry and become solid.
_MG_9531.jpgCute right?
_MG_9537.jpgI think it even looks cuter with cupcakes on it. I may even like this cake stand better than that Hobnail Milkglass I was drooling over.
Deviled EggsThen Heather borrowed the cake stand for a baby shower she hosted. Isn't it beautiful with deviled eggs on top? I think I might be hooked on making cake stands now. It's so easy, fun, and each one is unique!
Strawberry Nutella cupcakes ready for a baby shower.


Colleen said...

I LOVE that cake stand! "I would have stolen it, but there was a cake on it" made me laugh out loud. I LOVE my cake stand. I didn't even know what it was when I bought it, just that it was gorgeous, and then later someone was like "Oh! A milk glass cake stand! Lucky!" and I was like "Um, what?"

The cake stand looks great and cupcakes look even better!

Virginia said...

That plate is adorable. I think I'm going to have to start doing some garage/thrift store shopping. I think these would make adorable hostess gifts.

Lauren said...

Lovely. Now go make a bunch for Christmas gifts, right?