Sunday, September 2, 2012

3 Years

20090914_0043.jpgToday we celebrate our baby girl's 3rd birthday! This little girl works very hard to keep up with her older siblings. She starting talking at an early age and was potty trained before she turned 2, and before her older sister, Elizabeth. She says the funniest things that just crack me up daily. I'm not sure why, but even when she throws a tantrum I can't help, but laugh at her. When Anna knows she has done something naughty she cries, but after jus a few seconds you can get her laughing again. Her favorite thing to say when she doens't get her way is, "I don't like you anymore." If you say that phrase right back to her, she will say, "I like you now."
20090906_0182.jpgAnna's baptism was 4 days after she was born. It was glorious!
This adorable little girl loves to stick by her momma's side. Anna also loves to play puzzles, wrestle her 4-year-old sister to the ground, eat crayons while coloring, and line up her Little People in rows. Her favorite color is pink which also happens to be the color of the blanket that follows her everywhere she goes. Happy birthday to our little baby, Anna! We love you!

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