Wednesday, August 8, 2012

We Love Purple

IMG_2735.jpgWe were given tickets to the Rockies game, again, but, this time, for our entire family. It happened to be Thrivent night at the Rockies with tailgating before the game. We met up with some church members and headed to the game together.
IMG_2710.jpgAre you scared of heights? Yeah, me too.
IMG_2692.jpgWe arrived early in hopes of getting Todd Helton t-shirts. They came in handy when the sun was blazing, kind of like Danell's Leyva's security blanket lucky towel.
IMG_2698.jpgThe weather in Colorado has been blistering hot this summer. It was supposed to be a cool 80 degree day at the game, but I think it was a lot warmer than that. I decided to do a little sunbathing in my seat, but my Lutheran Stud and children felt that it was too hot, so they moved up and out of the sun.
IMG_2736.jpgWendy, Jann, Erika, and friends also joined us at the game in the sunbathing section.
_MG_8261.jpgWe made it to the game early enough to watch Jeff Francis warm up. I had high hopes with him pitching.
_MG_8264.jpgFans go crazy when they see ball players and they crowd around trying to get autographs.
_MG_8267.jpgA junior high orchestra even got to play a little music on the field.
_MG_8278.jpgWhen the game finally began we were ready for an action packed game.
_MG_8288.jpgAnna couldn't stop drinking water. I think I took her to the bathroom 328 times.
IMG_2700.jpgLucky for us, on one of our many trips to the restroom we found a drinking fountain and I was able to fill up all 87 water bottles that we brought to the game with us.
IMG_2704.jpgI'm not sure we sat in the seats that were actually listed on our tickets. We played a lot of musical seats.
_MG_8271.jpgWhile we spent a lot of the time entertaining our children there was a little excitement too. EY Jr. got himself into a pickle. He was thrown out, but after the game we found out that he was actually safe. It didn't really matter much though, because it wouldn't have helped us win. That's okay. It was pretty fun to watch.
IMG_2705.jpgI have a thing for nachos at the Rockies game. I'm not sure what it is, but I always have to get the Super Supreme Nachos. They look fabulous don't they? Or are you thinking heartburn? Not me! No heartburn here. I'll just keep eating nachos.
Rockies game.There was a lot of dead time where we took a ton of pictures and messed around.
_MG_8273.jpgHere's the city of Denver. I love this place. When you have seats where we were sitting you also get to enjoy this beautiful view of the city.
_MG_8290.jpgThe theme for this year's Rockies season is Year of the Fan. Well, with the dismal year the Rockies are having I'm not sure the fans too happy.
IMG_2744.jpgWe still enjoy going to the games even if we are currently the worst team in baseball.
One size fits all @Rockies t-shirts.It was Todd Helton t-shirt night for the first 20,000 fans. It was also a one size fits all kind of a deal. Todd Helton has been on the Rockies team since the beginning of his baseball career and is well loved around here. The sad thing was that while everyone was wearing his shirt he didn't even play in the game. Lame! It also looks like I have some alterations to add to my list now. 


Lauren said...

Looks like fun!

Heather said...

I love that picture of you & Elizabeth! So cute.

Were those the chicken nachos?

Adriane said...

I love that nacho cheese. Man, there's nothing like it in the world.

JAN said...

Yes, chicken nachos! Nothing better. Although I though about trying the pulled beef nachos.