Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Splish Splash

_MG_8423.jpgOn Thomas's actually birthday I wanted to do something fun even though My Lutheran Stud couldn't be around to party with us, so we headed to Loveland to splash around at their splash park. I just love this place. There's pretty much something for everyone at this park. My children love water, so I knew this place would be loved by all of them.
_MG_8424.jpgThey loved waiting underneath these buckets to get water dumped on top of them.
_MG_8430.jpgIt seemed to be a common goal for all of them.
_MG_8435.jpgIs this called a successful dump?
_MG_8436.jpgMore waiting.
_MG_8452.jpgThere were little sprinklers for the tiny people too!
_MG_8473.jpgCold water always feels good on a hot day, right?
_MG_8475.jpgRather than stand in between the sprinklers why not just climb on top and sit on it?
_MG_8460.jpgThere was a fountain that shot up out of the ground. All of the children tried to get in the middle of it to keep from getting wet?
_MG_8482.jpgBy the middle of the afternoon it was beginning to get a little crowded.
_MG_8488.jpgTime to dry off a little.
_MG_8400.jpgKellee was kind enough to make lunch for everyone. It's a good thing because I hadn't been to the store in days and we had nothing "lunchy" in the house.
_MG_8402.jpgLook at these cute little "lunchables" she made. Perfect right?
_MG_8407.jpgThere was a little play area if you weren't into all the water. You can slide down the hill on a frog's tongue.
_MG_8387.jpgThere was also an oversized sand pit with bouncy toys.

_MG_8503.jpgEven further down the park was this massive climbing structure.
_MG_8507.jpgWhen the kids got a little cold they ran over to the playground in the blazing hot sun to dry off.
_MG_8491.jpgWhen they warmed up they headed back to the splash area.
_MG_8494.jpgThomas requested S'mores cupcakes for his birthday.
_MG_8498.jpgWe enjoyed some s'mores with cute little Angry Birds cake toppers.
_MG_8500.jpgIf was a fabulous day and all of my children fell asleep in the car on the way home.

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Adriane said...

Kellee + Lunchables = epic amounts of awesomeness