Thursday, August 23, 2012

An Eis Cream Party!

_MG_8590.jpgThis month seems to be filled with birthdays. While we have two birthdays of our own to celebrate, by the end of the month our family will have celebrated 7 birthdays with family and friends. Those winter months are long and cold, I guess. ;)
_MG_8594.jpgWhile I don't post every birthday that we attend I have to share this fabulous party that Heather and Justin threw for their sweet daughter, Eisley. It was like every child's dream. Ice cream is loved by everyone and to make it a theme for a birthday party was perfect! Not one detail was missed, as always. The children had a wonderful time and left with a sugar high that continued into the next day.
_MG_8616.jpgWhen all of the children arrived they were able to order their very own ice cream bowl from the list of flavors on the chalkboard door.
_MG_8609.jpgThen they got to cover their ice cream in a ton of sugar goodies!
_MG_8613.jpgDid you know that whip cream comes in different flavors these days? I had no idea. There was regular, strawberry, or chocolate from which to choose.
_MG_8621.jpgThere were so many choices. How does one decide what to put on their ice cream?
_MG_8623.jpgEIlzabeth is a strawberry kind of gal, all the way to the whip cream.
_MG_8627.jpgThere was even a giant ice cream lamp as a centerpiece. I want one in my room now.
_MG_8611.jpgYou can't have a party without Kellee's world famous sugar cookies. They turned out splendidly. I only ate about 12 of them. . . all by myself.
_MG_8618.jpgThere was even a little background music which soon became dance party music when Eisley turned up the volume. "It's my party, I'll dance if I want to!"
_MG_8653.jpgPiñatas are always a hit- pun intended- at parties, right? This one was definitely a lot of fun.
_MG_8655.jpgLook! More sugar!
_MG_8669.jpgHeather made this beautiful cake. It tasted just as wonderful as it looked.
_MG_8674.jpgThese two snuck off to the little bench to, perhaps, eat a little candy while no one was looking.
_MG_8681.jpgI think Heather was a little more excited over Eisley's gifts than Eisley.
_MG_8592.jpgOf course all of the children had to leave with just a little more sugar and a box full of goodies. Thanks for having our entire crew over to your house, Heather and Justin. They always enjoy your home! Happy birthday, Eisley.

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So many little cute kids, so little time!