Tuesday, July 3, 2012


_MG_7547.jpgMonday we did a little work in the garden. It's been outrageously hot, like 100 degrees, before noon. That's way too hot to be outside working in a garden, so we headed out first thing Monday. With the weather being so hot it's been difficult to stay on top of the weeds. They were completely out of control when I arrived. I could barely see my beautiful tomato plants. They just blended right in with those darn weeds. I spent the entire time just pulling weeds in between the tomatoes. Seriously, that's an entire row of weeds that I pulled out.
_MG_7542.jpgI did find these beauties hidden among the weeds and plants. They're our first tomatoes of the season!
_MG_7535.jpgThese are the tomatoes that my Lutheran Stud loves and cares for. They're caged and gorgeous aren't they?
_MG_7533.jpgOur garden seems to have grown wildly in just a couple weeks. This is the post from two weeks ago. Crazy, huh?
_MG_7534.jpgI think we'll have green beans pretty soon. These are our bush beans.
_MG_7539.jpgWe also have pole beans along the outside fence.
_MG_7537.jpgThis is our first year growing cabbage. I wanted to have a good stock of them for my Runzas. ;) 
_MG_7540.jpgI'm excited to get some cucumbers this year. They didn't do well for us last year. 
_MG_7544.jpgOur first zucchini is just days away too!
_MG_7548.jpgHere's a volunteer plant growing into some tomatoes. We haven't figured out what it is yet. I thought they were watermelons, but it think the plant is too bushy for watermelon. Any ideas?

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Melanie T. said...

I think the mystery plant might be a winter squash. Looks like it has a blossom on it, so you should be able to tell soon what it is. So why is it you are just getting zucchini but already have tomatoes? My garden is just the opposite. I have zucchini in abundance but only a few green tomatoes starting to grow. Granted, I didn't plant my tomatoes until late May, but still! I'm hoping for cucumbers in a week or so.

Got a good salsa recipe? Spaghetti sauce? I've got 13 tomato plants this year. I haven't grown that many tomatoes in at least a decade and I've lost my good recipes. Help?