Wednesday, July 25, 2012


_MG_7810.jpgVacation Bible School was a huge hit again this year. The children began each morning with chapel.
_MG_7729.jpgWhen they walked into our church they were greeted by Noah's Ark. 
_MG_7838.jpgThe craft room was also known as the Garden of Eden.
_MG_7833.jpgAll of the children really enjoyed craft time.
_MG_7836.jpgThey made some really neat crafts with sea shells.
_MG_7680.jpgAnd they also got to make their own t-shirts,
_MG_7928.jpg and colorful wind chimes.
_MG_7725.jpgKatie taught music with Anna as her helper.
_MG_7829.jpgThen she fired herself when all of the children wanted Hans to come back and teach. That worked out well for me. We got to hit the road togeher.
_MG_7756.jpgDuring games the children got to build the Tower of Babel or maybe it could also be known as Jenga.
_MG_7854.jpgBible lessons were learned by everyone.
_MG_7845.jpgThe little ones had shorter attention spans. There was a lot of energy in those little ones.
_MG_7847.jpgDuring a break the little ones hunted Pastor down!
_MG_7814.jpgDuring the week children collected cans of food to donate to our church's Food Pantry.
_MG_7860.jpgThey also got to see how it all works by stocking shelves with all the food they collected.
_MG_7772.jpgTasty meals were served everyday, so no one went home hungry.
_MG_7883.jpgMy Lutheran Stud photo bombed a few photos ops.
_MG_7866.jpgWe ended VBS with a big spaghetti lunch and of course no big meal would be complete without Snow Cone cupcakes!
_MG_7674.jpgAnders just slept through it all. 
_MG_7896.jpgWe had fabulous time at VBS this year. We also had some pretty amazing planners and helpers to make it all happen. I can't wait to see what they come up with next year.

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