Monday, July 30, 2012

Some More Baseball

_MG_8016.jpgA few weeks ago we met up with Justin and Heather at Coors field to cheer on the Rockies.
_MG_7971.jpgWe enjoyed good company along with some really good ballpark food.
Go Rockies!I introduced Heather to the Purple Margarita and after that it time for a beer. ;)
photo.jpgThis guy is the famous beer man at Coors Field. He'll give you his card with his cell number on it. When you want a beer you can call him and he'll bring you one.
We of course did watch the game too. I love catching photos of pitchers because they always seem to have funny looking follow throughs.
_MG_7980.jpgThe game was really tight at times. Look at this. Is Cuddyer safe or out? I actually can't remember.
_MG_7988.jpgThings were heating up for the Rockies. It was time for the Phillies to call in a different pitcher.
_MG_7992.jpgTheir new pitcher didn't do too well. He gave up a home run. That was good news for us because I think we were trailing in the game.
_MG_7993.jpgWhenever the Rockies hit a home run the fountains spring up. I was telling Heather about this and BAM! Rosario hits a home run and the fountains shot up. It was comical. Maybe you had to be there.
_MG_8005.jpgOur hopes of catching the Phillies didn't last long because they scored a few more runs.
_MG_8009.jpgThen it was our turn to change out pitchers. While the pitcher warms up the players congregate. I always wonder what they talk about out there.
_MG_8010.jpgThese two rookies, Rutlege and Pacheco, are up and coming stars for the Rockies. Watch out!
_MG_8015.jpgWhile the Rockies lost another game it was still a fun evening at the ballpark. There's just something about that place that makes it so much fun, win or lose. We can't wait to make to another game!
403965_10151022363184717_608219005_nMaybe all the fun was in the parking lot after the game, trading Pyrex. :)

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