Monday, July 23, 2012

Magic Rob and Pizza

_MG_7684.jpgWhile the Fienes were in town we decided to go out for pizza at Beaujo's. If you visit Colorado and love pizza you have to check this place out.
_MG_7685.jpgWe picked the perfect evening because it just happened to be family night and Magic Rob, not to be confused with Magic Mike, was there to entertain everyone.
_MG_7697.jpgHe had the children laughing with all of his cool tricks.
_MG_7703.jpgHe also made balloon animals for all of them.
_MG_7706.jpgDavid requested a fish and boy did this guy deliver. A fish with a pole. How cool is that?
_MG_7710.jpgAnna was pretty excited to get a balloon animal too.
_MG_7712.jpgHappy girl with her butterfly.
_MG_7713.jpgMy Lutheran Stud wished he could have gotten a balloon to, but he had to settle for David's fish.
_MG_7714.jpgThe pizza finally arrived and it was fantastic. They make this beautiful crust and with the bottle of honey on the table you can enjoy your pizza to the very last bite. We ordered a 5 lb pizza and it was just perfect for us 4 adults, while the kids enjoyed their kids' meals. 
_MG_7720.jpgAfter dinner we had to snap a photo of all of the children and their balloons. While they were pretty fun and exciting they didn't last too long. Maybe that's a good thing. Definitely check out Beaujo's if you're in the Denver area. You won't be disappointed.


Colleen said...

"Not to be confused with Magic Mike.." You are hilarious!

Debbie said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time...