Monday, June 11, 2012

Mt. Zion vs. Mt Zion

_MG_6824.jpgLast week we held our second annual Mt. Zion softball game. 
_MG_6847.jpgIt was the inexperienced youth
_MG_6856.jpgversus the old and wise crowd.
_MG_6882.jpgThere were plenty of spectators and food.
_MG_6851.jpgOur youth was a bit young this year, so the adults had to go a little easy on them.
_MG_6826.jpgThe adults had to bat on the opposite side in which they are used to batting. That made for some fun!
_MG_6837.jpgThey were still able to get some decent hits.
_MG_6857.jpgThe youth made some decent outs too.
_MG_6874.jpgThey also scored a few runs. The game was tight.
_MG_6931.jpgThen there was a game change. It was getting late and the children were hungry. They went to eat and the adults played against each other.
_MG_6903.jpgIt was game on.
_MG_6937.jpgBalls were getting blasted.
_MG_6911.jpgSome of these guys hadn't played in years.
_MG_6868.jpgI even got to play a little. And, yes, I still have my socks and shoes from high school.
_MG_6939.jpgAfter refueling the all the children hit the field while the adults were famished and exhausted.
_MG_6942.jpgDad vs. daughter here.
_MG_6944.jpgDavid didn't really play. He just wanted to run the bases. . . over and over again, so that's what he did.


_MG_6958.jpgMy little girls were easily entertained. They enjoy the ball field too!
_MG_6940.jpgStorms were beginning to roll in, but I was able to catch a far off view of downtown.

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