Monday, June 18, 2012

Garden Update

_MG_7055.jpgIt looks as though our garden is growing quite well along with a ton of weeds.
_MG_7041.jpgWe have 3 sections of different tomatoes. These tomatoes here were on their last leg and my Lutheran Stud wanted to just get rid of him. I convinced him that we should save them. He ended up letting me plant them, but they aren't getting as much care as the rest of the tomatoes. There are a few tomatoes growing though, so we'll see how they turn out.
_MG_7053.jpgThese tomatoes are experimental. We just threw seeds into the ground to see how they would turn out. Everyone says you should start them indoors before the last frost and then transfer them once it's warm. These plants are small, but I have a feeling they will catch the other tomatoes.
_MG_7048.jpgThese are the beautiful tomatoes that my Lutheran Stud spent a great deal of time caring for and watering. They're about ready for cages.
_MG_7044.jpgThe green beans will be plentiful this year. They're looking great so far.
_MG_7045.jpgThe corn is doing better than last year, but still a little sparse.
_MG_7047.jpgWe didn't plant watermelon this year because the children complained about all the seeds. It looks like we have some volunteer watermelons coming up from last year's plant that never got picked.
_MG_7049.jpgThe lettuce has been beautiful. We've had salad almost everyday. Our children will either hate it or love it by the end of the summer.
_MG_7050.jpgI'm hoping our onions will be ready soon. It seems they can never be ready soon enough.
_MG_7051.jpgThis is the first year we've tried to grow cabbage. So far, it's pretty sparse. Maybe that's not a bad thing. That means less Runzas for my friends. ;)
_MG_7052.jpgOur squash was one of the last things we planted. We actually just found a few spaghetti squash in our basement. It made it all winter long, obviously.
_MG_7040.jpgThat's a view of my Lutheran Stud checking out the pole beans we planted along the fence. They're growing quite well too!


Melissa said...

Nice. Funny, my hubby didn't want to plant as many tomatoes this year until I convinced him. What's up with that? Is this a male thing? :)

Nice onions! Ours didn't do well last year so we opted out this year.

Hope your garden continues to fare well!

Gretchen said...

Derek just said today, "We should plant a garden at the church." I said, "Who do you think we are, the Meliuses?" He didn't know about your garden. I told him it's Jared's way of being a SD farmer. :)

JAN said...

That's so funny, Gretchen. And true! Our garden is struggling this year. It's too hot, although the tomatoes love it. You guys should definitely plant a garden.