Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Evening

Denver traffic, you drive me crazy!Last week the Lutherans in the Rocky Mountain District held their convention. It's a long three days of voting, resolutions, bible studies, and seeing fellow pastors and friends. On Friday night there was a banquet in which I decided I would attend and meet my Lutheran Stud in Denver Tech Center (DTC). Now DTC isn't actually downtown, but south of downtown. Traffic was atrocious. My sitter called and said they would be arriving earlier than I had asked them to come over because traffic was so bad. (They were sitting in that traffic earlier.) I hit the road around 4pm hoping to make it in time to listen to the last speaker at 5:30pm.
UntitledTraffic was crawling and I was bored sitting in my Land Cruiser. I'm sure you can guess what I did. I began snapping photos with my phone. Not only was traffic bad, but it was hot; hot as hell! I was quite thankful for my air conditioned vehicle.
UntitledNorth bound traffic was just as bad as the south bound traffic in which I was sitting. While just sitting, I did capture this view of downtown.
Two coolers.While, I missed Pastor Day's presentation I did arrive in time for what I would call Happy Hour. Those coolers are not full of alcohol, but instead it's ice. ;)
UntitledThere was plenty of beer,
Untitledas well as some stronger beverages. It was much needed after all of that traffic.
UntitledAfter hanging out for a bit it was time to head to dinner and the rest of the banquet fun. Pasor Ahlman was the emcee. He's quite the impersonator. This particular evening he was George W. Bush, Sr. Can you see it in the grey hair?
_MG_7022.jpgThen we heard for Carol Tobias, National Righ to Life speaker. That was quite an eye-opening experience. I just about cried.
_MG_7027.jpgWe also welcomed new district president Pastor Allen Anderson, 
_MG_7033.jpgand said good-bye to Pastor Golter and his beautiful wife, Elizabeth. They will be missed. Pastor Golter served 9 years as the RMD president. He had a lot to do with us getting a call to Denver! 
Convention banquet.It's always fun to see and hang out with friends. Keri, Andi, and were at the seminary together all those years ago. :) 


Adriane said...

Did PD mix you a drink? He's pretty good at that.

JAN said...

No! How rude! ;)

Heather said...

Looks like a swell time :) Can everyone go? Or is this just a pastors thing? Or invite only?

JAN said...

The banquet is just for pastors, delegates, and spouses. I'm not sure about the rest of the convention. It's pretty slow going.