Saturday, June 2, 2012


_MG_6510.jpgWe went on a hunt for dinosaurs. Tracks have been sighted in our area.
IMG_1266.jpgWe took all the chidlren to Dinosaur Ridge to hunt dinosaurs. The nice thing about having so many different cameras around is that you can get a different perspective from each person!
IMG_6006.jpgLook! We found some dinosaurs. Oh, wait. They're just cows. They were still pretty interesting to the children.IMG_6004.jpgThis little girl is the cutest thing ever, though I may be a bit biased.
IMG_6010.jpgWe found a dinosaur, for real!
_MG_6511.jpgWe also did some geocaching. There was a tiny, or micro, cache right by the entrance to Dinosaur Ridge. 
We took a little walk along Tricerotops Trail and found another cache.
_MG_6523.jpgThis one had goodies in it.
IMG_1292.jpgHere, we thought there was another cache, so everyone is searching high and low. Turns out that it was an earth cache just teaching us about the terrain in the area.
IMG_1284.jpgAll boys are into climbing, aren't they?
_MG_6527.jpgThis is actually the earth cache that we found. We learned about how these ripples were formed on these rocks.
_MG_6530.jpgWe found a little off road trail, so some of us hiked it thinking it was a shortcut to the other side. It was not a stroller friendly trail, so Jared and Jay took the strollers with them.
_MG_6528.jpgThe views were gorgeous.
_MG_6531.jpgThis is Red Rocks Amphitheatre. People come to hike, visit, and watch concerts at this place.
_MG_6543.jpgAfter quite a hike we realized that this trail was not short cut, but in fact, would take us to a highway in which we did not want to go. My brother ended up running the trail to find us. The kids were pretty worn out. The trail was pretty rough, but it would be a fun hike if we had more time and less children.
_MG_6545.jpgHeading back to the vehicles I had a pretty nice view. I mean, what's not to like, right? My nephew Kai, wanted to be just like Uncle Jared with his shirt tucked into his jeans. 
_MG_6548.jpgOh, we did see some old dinosaur tracks. Here they are!


Adriane said...

How fun!

Lauren said...

I think it's funny that Jared is half dressed and your dad has on multiple layers. So was it hot out or not?

Jenny Lake said...

We love Dino Ridge! Your photos reminded me how hot that place gets in summer. We'll return on a cloudy day.

JAN said...

I'm not sure why my Dad has so many layers on. It was freaking hot out there!