Thursday, May 31, 2012

Good and Old-Fashioned

_MG_6445.jpgMy parents rolled into town, so we decided to hit the town with them. Hammond's Candies has been in the Denver area since 1920. They give free tours, so if you're in the area check it out.
_MG_6404.jpgWhile you wait for the tour to begin they sugar you up with a taste of  their candy.
_MG_6400.jpgThey also give you cool hats to wear.
_MG_6406.jpgAll the candy is made by hand, and the same person who begins the batch sees the process all the way through. The temperature is kept pretty warm in this room. I think it's over 80 degrees.They have to keep it warm, so the candy doesn't harden before it's time.
_MG_6421.jpgThe room next door is the packing room and it is air-conditioned. 
_MG_6442.jpgHammond's is known for it's ribbon candy. They even still use the original machine which is over 100 years old. Isn't it pretty?
_MG_6424.jpgAfter the tour you can visit the store which can be a dangerous place.
_MG_6440.jpgIt's filled with beautiful candies. It was just our luck that we visited during a big sale. The flavored candy canes were just $1.00 and many other candies were discounted too.
_MG_6436.jpgThe children keep saying they want to go back for another tour. Hmm. . . I wonder why they enjoyed it so much. ;)

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Lauren said...

They all look so cute in their little hats.