Monday, May 7, 2012

Estes Park Adventures

_MG_5893.jpgThe last few weeks have been incredibly insane especially since we thought things would slow down after Easter. That hasn't been the case. Last week the children and I decided to skip town and go where there are signs like this.
_MG_5842.jpgMy Lutheran Stud was attending a Psalms conference at this place, YMCA of the Rockies. He had an extended afternoon break on the second day, so we drove to the mountains to meet up with him for the afternoon. I'm sure you can guess what we did. Yes!
_MG_5848.jpgRight next to that YMCA sign was a geocache. We found it along with some goodies inside.
_MG_5852.jpgDo you see it? No? Good. That means it's well hidden for the next geocacher. :)
This was probably my favorite cache of the day. The view was gorgeous.
_MG_5858.jpgRebecca found the cache hidden in some rocks. It's pretty common to find caches hidden in the rocks.
_MG_5859.jpgWe've seen many boxes like this as well. Our girls are becoming seasoned geocachers. They carry their backpacks filled with goodies to trade as well as pens and pencils since we often forget those things.
_MG_6040.jpgThomas picked up this cool cache. We didn't realize it at the time, but this is called a Travel Bug. There are numbers on it where we can track where it has been and where it originated. How fun is that? This particular guy started it's travel in Vermont. We're hoping to go caching again soon and place it in a cool place.
This cache just happens to be at a retreat center. Gorgeous right?
_MG_5878.jpgThis cache was a little tricky to get to since it was down a steep hill that drops off even further if you're not careful.
_MG_5881.jpgThe boys retreived it and carried it up to us.
_MG_5885.jpgThen my Lutheran Stud took it back down the hill and hid again.
_MG_5888.jpgOur next cache was a interesting. It was hidden under someone's shed in a small neighborhood. Normally the caches are on a trail somewhere or in a more public area.
_MG_5890.jpgIt was a small tupperware container with some little goodies.
_MG_5900.jpgRain was on its way to town, but that didn't ruin the beautiful view.
_MG_5901.jpgOur last cache before supper was here. Any guesses where it might be? Many caches also have clues. This clue was "8-4."
_MG_5903.jpgThis last cache was just a tiny little thing.
_MG_5908.jpgAll that was in it was a scroll to sign our names.
With @dancegirly9 eating BBQ.After running around all afternoon it was time for some BBQ. Smokin' Dave's is the place for BBQ in Estes. They have fall off the bone ribs and smokin' pulled pork. It was finger lickin' good!
_MG_5911.jpgOur last stop was back to the Clemmers home where we needed a photo with the ram in their yard. Until next time . . .


Lauren said...

That ram is in their yard?! Awesome. Did they buy it and put it there or did it come with the house?

JAN said...

I guess the lady that owns the house put that ram there, but it's actually the neighbor's yard. Who cares about property lines?

Adriane said...

"Go big or go home." - Clemmer family motto. That's why they're the best!

Gretchen said...

Gorgeous photos. Can you please come out here and take my Smoky Mountain photos so they don't look so wimpy? Please?