Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Baking Marathon

_MG_6306.jpgLast week we had a little baking marathon. A couple years ago I was asked if I could bake some goodies for a bake sale fundraiser to help a little boy. Well, this year I was asked to bake again, only this time it was for the SafeHouse of Denver, which helps out women and children who are victims of domestic violence. I was more organized this year. I measured everything out the night before, so I could start baking right away the next day. This why having so much Pyrex comes in handy. ;)
_MG_6302.jpgI had a couple helpers for the cinnamon rolls. Yes, that's a stick of butter on each batch. That's what makes these rolls so good! You really should make them. You'll never buy cinnamon rolls again.
So far, 32 cinnamon rolls.Did I mention that these rolls are huge? They rise like you wouldn't believe. The frosting is pretty fantastic as well.
_MG_6311.jpgThis is part of the mess that comes along with baking all day long. We're half way done.
132 cupcakes. Strawberry, vanilla chai, choc. peanut butter, cookie dough132 cupcakes later.
_MG_6324.jpgThen we made cute little tags for each package.
_MG_6321.jpgThe Vanilla Chai cupcakes were a huge hit at the bake sale. You should make them. . . that is, if you like chai.
_MG_6330.jpgI have to thank my local King Soopers for supplying me with all the packaging. Since it is graduation season I wasn't able to get specific cupcake packaging. Those grocery stores get a little stingy over them around this time of year. To keep the cupcakes from moving around, I melted a little chocolate and put a little dot underneath each cupcake. It was just like glue! It worked out quite well, but one does need to be careful, even still. Most of them stayed, but a few tipped over.
_MG_6332.jpgHere are the goods on their way to being delivered. It filled the entire trunk of my car and made for a nervous drive. I had such a fun time baking all day. It kind makes me want to open a bakery, or not. ;)


Heather said...

I can't believe you made ALL of those. Wow. I bet your house smelled like sugar and your glucose levels were high just for being near all that sweet goodness.


How fun, and what a great way to serve. Oh, did I tell you I made your cinnamon rolls for our Easter breakfast at church this year? (I thought I was all great making a double batch, ha!) People were swooning over them. Best. Cinnamon Rolls. Ever.

Kristen said...

I'm very impressed! How nice to have those plastic packages from the bakery. And the chocolate to hold it in place? Genius! Your vanilla chai cupcakes are on my list to bake...soon!

Adriane said...

Look at you go! You, Kel and Laura need to start a business.

Colleen said...

Holy crap! You really did put my mixer to work. That's the best workout it's had in 5 years!

{edie} said...

You are a machine, Ms. Jan! A-mazing :)