Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Is On the Way

_MG_5199.jpgThe last few weeks have been unusually warm. We had to pull out the summer clothes and I was tempted to turn the air conditioning on.
_MG_5200.jpgThe little girls have been riding bikes like there's no tomorrow.
_MG_5204.jpgThey peddle back and forth all afternoon long.
_MG_5202.jpgThey're like two peas in a pod.
_MG_5210.jpgAnna can barely reach the peddles, but she sure loves riding her trike. A church member picks up random things for our kids that he finds at garage or estate sales. This tricycle was one of them. I just love it.
_MG_5211.jpgAnna just needs to work on her steering, but that'll come along quickly. Summer is just around the corner.
_MG_5218.jpgThe children have been spending a lot of time outside, but then a small snowstorm rolled in. We had to pull the sprinkler knob off after running the sprinklers a few times already, so maybe it in't summer after all. 


Heather said...

Stinkin' cute!!! we have your hand-me-downs when you're done with them? Anna's pants are darling!

JAN said...

The pants are easy to make. I can show you. :)

Katie Fiene said...

I love the Anna and Elizabeth's hair! Too cute!