Thursday, April 19, 2012


_MG_5000.jpgWe received this cabinet from a gal at church. It was sitting in our front room housing books. I had been looking for a way to store my Pyrex while also making it easily accessible. When I realized that this "bookshelf" was actually an old china cabinet, that used to have glass sliding doors on the front, I decided that it should be moved to our kitchen. David suggested placing it where it happens to sit today. It fits perfectly.
_MG_5481.jpgI got wind that Valspar was giving away small painting kits along with a small paint sample. I started browsing the colors just for fun. I ended up picking out a fun gray color. When I went to order it I found out that the name is actually Vintage Gray. How fitting for my Pyrex.
_MG_5486.jpgThe little kit came complete with mini rollers, paint, and paint samples in complimentary colors with my Vintage Gray.
_MG_5458.jpgI really wanted the color of my Pyrex to pop while sitting on the shelves, so I opted to paint the back of the shelves white. Guess what? Since I was only painting the front and sides of the cabinet I had more than enough paint to paint this cabinet with just the little sample I was sent. 
_MG_5462.jpgI think it turned out quite nice, don't you?
_MG_4996.jpgHere's another before photo.
_MG_5479.jpgMy display is constantly changing because I am always using different pieces. It's been a lot of fun organizing and changing all the dishes around. My children even give their opinions about where I should place different dishes. Pyrex has become a family affair.


Emily Brower said...

Oh. my. This is terrible, I am so jealous! Haha.

It looks great!

Lauren said...


Esther said...

I love love love the pink Pyrex. Is it hard to find?

Gretchen said...

I don't think you have enough Pyrex. Oh, wait.... That shelf is so cute! Nice job. And the Pyrex looks great against the white.