Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Hunt

_MG_5376.jpgWe arrived to church on Easter morning just in time for the youth breakfast. Every year our youth prepare breakfast for the entire congregation to help raise funds to go to the catechism retreat in the summer. My Lutheran Stud makes his world famous pancakes and then forces serves them up to everyone. This year the youth raised record breaking amount of money for their trip. It was pretty exciting.
_MG_5330.jpgAfter breakfast there was a small 500-egg Easter egg hunt. That's an insane number for eggs for our small congregation. I had to cut my children off when their bags/baskets were full.
_MG_5334.jpgThe little ones got a head start over the older children.
_MG_5335.jpgThey were also more interested in opening each egg as they picked them up rather than filling up the baskets. There was more excitement in opening the eggs than collecting them.
_MG_5337.jpgI finally conviced Anna to pick up a few more eggs before actually opening them.
_MG_5363.jpgDavid has egg hunting down. He even managed to hide a few eggs in his pockets when his bag was full. Sneaky little guy is he.
_MG_5353.jpgRachel's also an old pro and filled her bag up after just minutes.
_MG_5368.jpgThomas also filled up his bag rather quickly and went over to help Anna fill hers up.
_MG_5370.jpgElizabeth finally got the hang of this egg hunting thing and got her basket filled to the brim.
_MG_5373.jpgOur children made out like bandits. Being the mean mom that I am I told Rebecca she was too old to participate since she is now in Confirmation. What a bummer, although she is reaping the benefits of all the candy that was hunted, so she's not complaining. Stay tuned for more Easter festivities.


Anonymous said...

Love Jared's can be Grandma Rosemarie is smiling :) Happy Easter! Angela

Heather said...

Those girls are absolutely darling in those dresses! Where are they from?

Your kids always look gorgeous...