Sunday, April 1, 2012

He's 5!

David's BaptismMy baby boy was born 5 years ago on Palm Sunday and baptized that same week on Maundy Thursday. It seems fitting for him to celebrate his 5th birthday on Palm Sunday don't you think? (Palm Sunday, along with Easter, is on a different day every year.)
David OneWe celebrated David's 1st birthday in our first Denver home complete with an Elmo cake. That was the last birthday celebrated in that house. We've since moved into a different home.
20090401_0021.jpgDavid's 2nd birthday was fun because he was just learning how to blow out candles and was really getting into the whole gift opening thing.
3David3On his 3rd birthday he had become a bit more opinionated. He decided the color of his cupcakes as well as what was to be on them. Orange was his favorite color then.
_MG_4567.jpgDavid's 4th birthday was pretty fun too! We gave him a hermit crab that scared the bejeezes out of him. It was pretty funny.
David 5years oldToday we celebrate this big 5 year old's birthday. We'll see what's in store for him today! I know he's pretty excited. We begin by celebrating Palm Sunday at church along with some cupcakes in Sunday school.


Heather said...

Aww! Happy Birthday David!

He always looks so happy.

Lauren said...

He's getting so big! Agh! I love sweet smile in that last picture. Happy birthday, David.

Katie Fiene said...

Happy Birthday, David!

Vesuvius At Home said...

He is beyond adorable. Do you avoid the big kids party deal? I would like to avoid the billion friends (I don't love throwing parties like my sister) but don't quite know how. Anyway, these are beautiful pictures.