Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Garden Growth

_MG_5521.jpgThis past weekend I while I was out running around I stopped by church to check on our garden. I haven't done that since we planted it last month even though I've been to church several times after that. Our lettuce mix is coming up nicely. We finally got some rain from the cooler weather, so I'm sure these cold weather vegetables are loving it. 
_MG_5525.jpgThe spinach is a little slow, but looks great.
_MG_5526.jpgWe even have some little tiny carrots that have popped up. We even have carrots from last year still in the ground and they're still perfect. We're going to try and get seeds from them.
_MG_5528.jpgLook at these volunteer onions, or are they garlic. I have no idea but they've gone crazy. We also planted garlic last fall at home and they have grown like weeds as well.
_MG_5529.jpgWho needs to go to a park when you have a playground at church. I don't even have to push Elizabeth on the swing anymore. One little push is all she needs and she'll keep herself going. She can swing pretty high too. (David still can't swing himself, but that's 'cause he's a little stinker.)
_MG_5531.jpgAnna also enjoys the swing here and there. If no one is around to push her she swings herself from her belly. It's pretty cute.

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