Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter Dinner

_MG_5432.jpgWe couldn't celebrate Easter without a little Pyrex. . . or a lot of Pyrex. It just made everything a little more cheerful. I think I also got a few of the ladies that came over into starting a collection of their own.
photo-26.jpgThe day before Easter I had a little oven trouble. After much research we found out that the outlet, in which the oven is plugged into, is on the fritz. Thankfully another outlet is located just above the oven to the left and the cord was long enough to reach it. I am sure My Lutheran Stud will fix it. . .someday, just not anytime soon. I was able to bake all of my dishes on Easter day with no problems. Yay!
_MG_5435.jpgWe had many guests coming, so we decided to set two tables for the adults and let the children eat in the kitchen and outside.
_MG_5437.jpgThis is the children's table, in my kitchen. There's something about a person's kitchen. Everyone gravitates towards it. All of these wonderful men just celebrated Easter at their churches. Now they are in a deep theological discussion.
_MG_5440.jpgBefore supper we sang.
_MG_5441.jpgYes, those are red hymnals. We still use red hymnals at our church.
_MG_5442.jpgThe children sang too. It was beautiful. Now I just need an organ in my kitchen.
_MG_5446.jpgSupper is served!
_MG_5448.jpgI was able to use many of my Pyrex dishes. Exciting isn't it?
_MG_5451.jpgBryan thought it would be fun to photograph me every time I photographed something. Andrew's digging into some delicious brownies for dessert. I didn'tget nearly enough photos of the wonderful food that everyone brought to share.
_MG_5450.jpgMandy made this awesome pina colada cake.
photo-25.jpgI have no words for this. It's just for your enjoyment.
_MG_5456.jpgAfte dessert it was all fun and games in the garage. It's what these pastors do best after a fabulous Easter celebration. It's their way of relaxing, I think? Our home was filled with the wonderful company of 20 friends (plus our 8). It was a great evening. You never would have known that there were 16 children running around. Happy Easter!


Lauren said...

I love that you throw big parties and don't get freaked out, even when your oven gives you fits. I'd be throwing my own fit and hiding out in the closet if that were me. And it sure looks like fun.

Colleen said...

I am in awe of how you throw big gatherings like this without a sweat. I threw Easter for 8 people and it was craziness!

Anonymous said...

Jan you are a saint to host time after time. How generous and thoughtful of you.
And it is always fun to see the pyrex all around. Ya'll need to keep me posted on special pieces you're looking for because I leave them unless I know someone is looking for a specific pattern.
A belated Easter greeting to you and yours.

Kellee said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time! I will take some spinach artichoke dip in a Friendship casserole please :)

Gail said...

I didn't mean to be anonymous, that post just ran off without me! And I still think you are a saint!

JAN said...

Gail, you are too kind. I though it might have been you the anonymous commenter. I'm definitely no saint. We really enjoy having everyone over. It's nice for everyone to relax after Easter.

I have to say that you do a fine job picking out Pyrex. I love all of the pieces that you've given Kellee!

JAN said...

And I use that spring blossom mixing bowl set just about everyday. Thank you!! I love it.