Wednesday, March 21, 2012

We're Losing Wheels

_MG_4749.jpgA few weeks ago, when it was first starting to warm up outside, the children couldn't wait to get outside. I noticed David zooming by on his bike without the training wheels hitting the ground.
_MG_4750.jpgI convinced David and my Lutheran Stud to take the training wheels off. It appeared that they were of no use anymore. Low and behold, David started riding his bike without training wheels.
_MG_4751.jpgI think the freedom got to him. He began to waver. He couldn't control the bike as well as he could when he had training wheels on it. It was like he forgot how to use the brakes.
_MG_4753.jpgThen he decided that he wasn't old enough to ride a two-wheeled bike yet. He said, "I'm only four. I think I want to wait until I am five to ride a bike." We tried to convince him that he'll be five in just a couple weeks, but that didn't work. He said he'd wait a couple weeks and in the meantime we can put his training wheels back on. We didn't put the training wheels back on, so the poor child has to wait a few weeks or he'll just have to ride his bike now, without training wheels. Decisions, decisions.


Lauren said...

Meanest parents ever. ;)

Gretchen said...

Oh, you mean mom you! That poor child. Totally kidding, of course. We'd have done the same thing. Decisions, indeed.

Adriane said...

The best part in all this is seeing Jared tearing around after him. My dad just gave me a shove and hoped for the best.