Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Day of Thrifting

My Pyrex collection just keeps growing. There's a thrift store just minutes from our church. Last Wednesday evening, before our Ash Wednesday service, I decided to stop in before church. I saw these pieces, but talked myself out of purchasing them because I thought they were too expensive, but I loved the design and the color so much that I couldn't stop thinking about them. I took a picture of the bowls and left the store. I guess my children liked them too because they told me I should go back and get them. The next day we decided to do just that. Come to find out there was another price sticker underneath the sticker that I had seen and the big bowl ended up being cheaper than I originally thought. Score!
_MG_4536.jpgThe fun didn't stop there because my children wanted to go to another thrift store and then another. We ended up stopping at 4 thrift stores before we made it home. My children are becoming quite the thrifters. They usually spot Pyrex pieces before I do. They love going to the thrift store. Some children ask to go to the park or the toy store, but mine ask to go to the thrift store. Yikes! What have I done?


Kellee said...

Nice finds! They sure beat mine this week. I hope that friendship piece has my name on it!

JAN said...

I have two Friendship pieces. That plan red one is Friendship too.;)