Tuesday, March 6, 2012

'Round Here

I have a photography app on my phone which I absolutely love. If you have an iPhone be sure to download the Instagram app. It's so much fun. Here's just a random look at things going on around here lately.My newest Pyrex set I pieced together called Horizon Blue.Last week I stopped in at the thrift store next to our church just before our Lenten dinner. I found the two solid blue bowls and completed my Horizon Blue set. There was a tiny little chip in the big bowl, so when I got up to the counter to pay I asked if they could give me a little discount. The salesman gave it to me for half off. I ended up piecing this set together for $13. Now that's exciting. I just love the color. It's so bright and cheery.
Spring rolls for dinner.We had spring rolls for dinner. It's one of my favorite appetizers and so easy to make. Give it a try. Here are the directions.
Starbucks and Pyrex: a great combo!Over the weekend the thrift stores were all having a 50% off sale. The children enjoy hunting Pyrex if they're in the right mood. There wasn't much on the shelves, but we did get out the house for a bit and I got my Starbucks along with free oatmeal.
StarbucksEvery Sunday morning I stop for coffee before church. The baristas know my order and my voice when I drive through. I forgot to add cream to my order one morning and they reminded me. They take such good care of me.
Rebecca completed level 6 of the Catechism Memory Program. ⛪Rebecca has been working fervently to complete the Catechism Memory Program that my Lutheran Stud created for our church. The difficult part of this program is having to remember the previous level along with the current level that they are working on. Rebecca has completed level six and her award was this really cool crucifix.
One of Martin Luther's best writings.  I'm a little behind in my reading. . .I've joined up with some amazing Lutheran ladies to study a little theology. Since none of us live anywhere near each other we've decided to have an online book club. I could not have asked for a better group of ladies with which to be connected. Not only does their intelligence blow me away, they are pretty darn funny too. We're reading C.S. Lewis for next month. I can't wait to see what kind of discussion we'll have then. "Ror."
Cape Cod Chicken Salad for LunchMy friend Edie posted some amazing recipes for salad dressings. You must make them. While I didn't use her recipe for this salad, her recipes did trigger my need for a good salad. You should try this Cape Cod Picnic Salad that my friend Kellee made for me when I visited her awhile back.
Just ran two miles and almost died. Why do I try and workout?There weather has been unusually warm the last couple of days. I decided, and I don't know why, to go running. I ran two miles and just about died when I was finished. I also got lost in my own neighborhood. Nice, right? Next time I'll stay on the trail and not try to come up with any shortcuts, if there is a next time. 
Taking advantage of kids eat free with our 6 kids.I saw a coupon for kids-eat-free at Chilis this week. Since we don't eat out much we decided to go. I always forget to call ahead. I should know better because no restaurant ever has seating for our family. Tables always have to be moved around. The children enjoyed coloring their menus along with their bottomless drinks of juice, which they never get at home. It was a great evening out on a weeknight.


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