Wednesday, March 7, 2012


_MG_4756.jpgYesterday was warm and sunny. No one should be inside on days like that. We have church members that have chickens and they invited us over to visit.
_MG_4759.jpgAnna pretended to like the chickens, but really, she was afraid. She just reminded me, as I'm typing, that she was petting Emma, so while I couldn't remember the names of any of these hens Anna could.
_MG_4760.jpgElizabeth was afraid, but warmed up pretty quickly.
_MG_4761.jpgThe hens were absolutely beautiful.
_MG_4763.jpgIt kind of makes me want a few in our backyard. Okay, not kind of, it really makes me want chickens now. I think it's time to move!
_MG_4765.jpgThere was even an egg in the coup. 

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