Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Snow Days

_MG_4232.jpgWe returned home from South Dakota to a ton of snow. It took quite awhile to get it all shoveled.
_MG_4238.jpgThe children used to call this table a cupcake, but it has now been upgraded to cake. I just love the look of freshly fallen, untouched snow. It's so pretty and looks like a big fluffy marshmallow.
_MG_4237.jpgWe ended up with just under 18 inches of snow. This actually isn't the most snow that we've received since we've been living in Denver. One winter I think we got about 27 inches of snow and it was just before Christmas. I remember because we received packages on days that delivery companies don't normally deliver. They worked a lot of overtime that year.
_MG_4254.jpgOne day the children attempted to dig an igloo.
_MG_4256.jpgThen David decided to go for a swim in the snow.
_MG_4258.jpgRachel wanted someone to participate in a snowball fight with her.
_MG_4320.jpgThe boys decided to destroy the igloo they were building.
_MG_4313.jpgThomas decided to make a really big snowman instead.
_MG_4315.jpgDavid was ready to destroy anything in his way.
photo-17.jpgMy Lutheran Stud took the older children sledding. They also decided to build a giant snowman. Happy Valentine's Day! We're still covered in snow around here. The sun should begin melting things quickly, I hope.

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