Thursday, February 23, 2012

Little Red

_MG_4512.jpgIt all started when we received this adorable invitation in the mail. We knew this was a party we couldn't miss.
_MG_4400.jpgJustin was a fabulous host for his daughter, Violet's first birthday party.
_MG_4445.jpgHere is the birthday girl, Violet with her incredibly crafty mom and wonderful hostess.
_MG_4449.jpgSeriously, no detail was left out of this party. From the food to the decorations it was all pretty amazing.
_MG_4415.jpgHeather made this double-layer chocolate and vanilla cake with marshmallow fondant and homemade buttercream. Yum!
_MG_4416.jpgNo party would be complete without munchies, so we had chocolate squirrel caramel apples, 
_MG_4419.jpgalong with peanuts in a Friendship Pyerx bowl.
_MG_4413.jpgKellee made these amazing sugar cookies, of course.
_MG_4452.jpgThese truffle fries were so good. I might have to make some here soon.
_MG_4420.jpgThe drinks were even fabulous. I was pretty smitten with my Pink Panty Punch.
_MG_4488.jpgHeather even made these cute little lanterns. Aren't they cute?
_MG_4433.jpgLittle Eisley's room was turned into a craft room.
_MG_4436.jpgThe children got to decorate little bird houses.
_MG_4471.jpgThen Violet's room was transformed into a photo booth. Heather's dad painted the backdrop in just under a week. Crazy right?
_MG_4460.jpgIt was perfect!
_MG_4457.jpgThe adults even got to have a little fun. You'll have to check out Heather's blog for more fun photos.
_MG_4464.jpgKel and I had to get into all the fun too.
_MG_4496.jpgViolet got her own little cake and we got to sing to her.
_MG_4505.jpgShe had no problems digging right into that cake.
_MG_4490.jpgThere was a cute little dog named Armani floating around. Elizabeth wasn't too fond of Armani, so Justin's grandma was happy to rescue her.
_MG_4481.jpgSquirrel caramel apples were in enjoyed by many.
_MG_4508.jpgViolet enjoyed many wonderful gifts.
_MG_4422.jpgWe guests enjoyed many little gifts too.
_MG_4427.jpgHeather made all of the children, that's six for my family, crayon rolls including labels with their names. They are so cute.
_MG_4425.jpgWe older folk were sent home with chocolate. One can't complain about that.
_MG_4514.jpgIKEA chcolate does not disappoint!
_MG_4493.jpgHappy Birthday, Violet. Thank you so much for letting us share in your special day. Check out Heather' blog here for more party photos!


Adriane said...

That's it. Heather and I need to hang out.

Laura Melius said...

That is one amazing birthday party!

Heather said...

Oh Jan! You are so sweet to post about Vi's party! I was so glad you & your kids were there, it was crowded, but we didn't mind since it was such good company :)

And serious thanks for letting me use some of your amazing photos. You have some serious talent...

Adriane--the feeling is mutual, my Lutheran buddy! I can't wait to meet you in person someday.

Vesuvius At Home said...

Your little ones are so darling, Jan. And you are a gifted photographer! Thanks for trying to help me out with my own skills, by the way.