Friday, February 10, 2012

Checking Cattle Again

_MG_4166.jpgSince I packed my cowboy boots and calves could be born at any time we headed back to David and Laura's to check on the cattle again. I was even prepared, since I had my boots, to help deliver a calf if needed. I know, I know. This is all so funny isn't it? Really. I was ready.
_MG_4168.jpgWhen we arrived Landen, age 8 was herding the cattle into the barn. I was going to hop the fence and help him, but I thought you'd want to see these photos instead.
_MG_4177.jpgCan you see Landen there? He's that tiny little thing in the back.  He did a perfect job getting the cattle in. They were only scared off when we arrived and Callie, the dog started barking.
_MG_4194.jpgDavid's got this high tech video camera where he can keep his eye on the happenings in the barn while he's still in the house. During dinner he told me that it might be my lucky night. I was so excited. Turns out we missed the birth of this little calf by just minutes. Bummer
_MG_4191.jpgAll of the cattle watched intently. Their eyes were all on the tiny little calf.
_MG_4193.jpgOkay, maybe they were watching David who jumped in there. He was hoping the calf was a bull, but it wasn't. Well, at least you've got about 197 more chances. :)
_MG_4185.jpgWatching that little calf try to walk and find its way was so amazing.
_MG_4217.jpgHere's David and Laura. Can you believe Laura just had a baby 6 weeks ago? 
_MG_4215.jpgThis is Eric and his wife Laci. Eric is Joel and Dawn's son and my Lutheran Stud's cousin. Got that?
_MG_4199.jpgHere we have the two Rachels in the family. There are also two Davids, but we forgot to snap that photo. Out of all of the Melius families I have to say that our two families have the best taste in names. ;)
_MG_4213.jpgThen, of course, we had to attempt the all children photo when the children are exhausted and crabby and ready to go home. That's the perfect photo opportunity. 


Adriane said...

Jan, you were born and bred for ranching!

Kevin & Sharon said...

What fun to see you enjoy the cattle operation. We are visiting in Alabama doing the same thing with Kevin's brother - on a mountain top!

Laura Melius said...

Love it! I promise I will get out there one of these days and get some more pictures for you. We had a set of twins during the night last night!

Gretchen said...

1. Laura looks fantastic. She doesn't even look sleep deprived!

2. David's farm is so clean, so organized, so...Melius. I swear when we lived in SD I could spot a Melius farm ten miles away. Cleanliness is in the genes!

3. You and Jared need to get yourselves a Colorado ranch stat.

JAN said...

Laura, I want to see those twins!

Gretchen, you are so right about Melius farms. I'd love to get some land. I want chickens. Gotta start small. No cattle for this city girl. ;)