Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cattle, Baby, and Pyrex

Sometimes I think that my city children were meant to grow up on a farm. They just love everything about being outside and are so intrigued by all the livestock. This reminds me of our little lunch after Luke's funeral. There was a buffet of some of the best meat I've ever had. The meat was perfectly cooked and so tender that you could cut it with a butter knife. As I was helping my children fill their plates we came to the meat and I said, "Do you want beef or pork?" I got blank stares from my boys. Then I said, "Do you want pig or cow?" Oh! The light bulb went on. The boys wanted, "Pig," so I happily filled their plates and they were on their way. The buffet line heard this conversation and got quite a kick out of it.

We went out to Jared's cousin David and wife Laura's farm one afternoon because I heard rumors that little calves could be born at any time. I didn't want miss out on that opporutnity.

_MG_4103.jpgTeresa showed us around the farm.
_MG_4181.jpgThere were two little calves born while we were at th funeral. Everytime we visit I always learn something new. This time it was the difference between a heifer and cow. David actually had them in seperate areas on the farm, but I couldn't tell you which were where. Maybe next time I'll have it figured out. I'm pretty sure the heifers were closest to the barn since it's easier access in case they needed assistance during birthing.
Baby Rachel.jpgThis little sweetie, I believe, is the newest Melius cousin. I think I even have the first photo of her smiling! 
BabyRachel1.jpgShe's so adorable with her little red headed mohwak, don't you agree?
_MG_4240.jpgAfter lunch Laura had plans to have coffee with a friend or distant cousin, if you will in the city. Guess who tagged along? Guess what else we did besides drink coffee? We stopped at the Salvation Army in town and I found some new little treasures to add to my collection. Look at that cute salt shaker. Now I just need to find the pepper shaker.
_MG_4243.jpgI also found this little casserole that I believe was made in the early 1900s. It's got the old Pyrex stamp on it. It's a great size too. 
_MG_4245.jpgPyrex restaurant wares are just beautiful. I picked up these 8 bowls for almost nothing and they're in great condition. You're going to love them, Kel!
_MG_4247.jpgThis casserole size is one of my favorites, and while I have many in this size I just couldn't pass this bad boy up. I love the color too. 
photo-9.jpgWe made it back to Uncle Joel and Aunt Dawn's just in time for an evening of moscato and cards. Dawn, I'm going to stock up on this wine for you when you come to visit. :)


Laura Melius said...

I'm directing my readers to your blog today for a tour of our farm! Love the photo of Rachel, too--it was the first one on camera! said...

love that wine ;)