Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Catteless Farm

_MG_4109.jpgBack in the day my Lutheran Stud used to spend his high school summers in South Dakota on the farm. His Uncle Joel and Aunt Dawn's house is like a second home to him. We spent the majority of our time at Joel and Dawn's house during this trip. Elizabeth was a little under the weather for this trip, but was still an easy going traveler.
_MG_4111.jpgDawn taught the kids how to play solitaire. They all ended up playing for hours each day.
_MG_4114.jpgThomas needed a little help, but started picking it up quickly.
_MG_4116.jpgYou can't play cards all day long because there's always work to do on the farm. These grain bins have stuff in them and something must be done with the stuff in there. :)
_MG_4119.jpgWhile we were there it was time to haul corn. That's my Lutheran Stud showing off for the camera. 
_MG_4120.jpgThe corn gets loaded up on this belt auger.
_MG_4127.jpgFrom the auger it goes into the semi._MG_4124.jpgWhile that's happening you just stand around and wait. Stay away from the corn because that stuff will get into hair and clothes. Then you'll be itchy all day, so I hear.
_MG_4132.jpgOnce the semi starts to fill up you'll have to move it ahead a bit, so the corn doesn't overflow out of the semi. That could get messy.
_MG_4139.jpgMy Lutheran Stud was kind enough to climb up to the top of the highest grain bin and capture some aerial shots for me. (I'm deathly afraid of heights.) There's Joel and Dawn's huge house and our tiny little car.
_MG_4142.jpgJoel and I are in the semi here. 
_MG_4149.jpgMy dear husband was even kind enough to take my camera when they brought the corn to the elevator.
_MG_4151.jpgNow, the corn gets dumped onto these grates and there is some secret area underground where all the corn goes. Pretty intriguing if you ask me.
_MG_4152.jpgThese bins are just huge. I don't think you can really imagine it unless you are there in person.
_MG_4165.jpgSomehow all of that corn ends up here. This is where it's stored until. . . until, I have no idea. I just know that this is where it sits until someone else comes to get it. There.
After a few runs to the elevator it was time for Dawn's world famous sloppy joes. She won't share the recipe with me, but don't worry I tasted them and now I think I'm going try and figure out how she made them. :) They were fantastic, best I've ever had!

_MG_4163.jpgStrangely enough the weather in South Dakota was pretty incredible for January/February. The sun was out and the wind wasn't even that bad. The kids played outside and took loads of corn to the elevator. Me? I just sat inside and watched. :)

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