Friday, February 17, 2012

Anna My Model

_MG_4350.jpg50mm ISO 400 f/1.8 1/200
Rumor has it that the next Melius Cousins' Reunion is going to be in Colorado. This was a conversation which took place a few summers ago at the Melius Family Reunion. Apparently I volunteered to put it together here in Colorado for the summer of 2013. I don't remember this conversation, but was reminded of this conversation when we were in South Dakota just a few weeks. Does anyone besides Angela and Laura remember this conversation? No worries, cousins. I'm on it. Jared and I have a few ideas and we'll get this thing together, so you all better come. Another conversation we had was about photography. It seems that many Melius cousins have now upgraded to a DSLR, so it looks like a few of you will need a few lessons on how to use your new fancy cameras. Never fear, Camera Jan is here to help! Anna has kindly offered to be my model. Here are some camera settings to get you started.
_MG_4352.jpg50mm ISO 400 f/2.0 1/400
All of these photos have been taken from the same angle, but with different camera settings. The preference is yours when it comes to what look you like best. Don't forget to shut your flash off. I always aim to focus on a person's eyes. Normally that is what one would most like to see in focus. My shutter speed (1/400) in this photo is a bit faster than the photo above. This allows the shutter to click faster letting in less light, but also creating less movement blur. Does that make sense? If your subject isn't really moving much then your shutter can be a bit slower, however if you are shooting a soccer game then you would want your shutter speed quite a bit faster. Also, if there isn't a lot of light you will want a slower shutter in order to let more light into your camera.
_MG_4353.jpg50mm ISO 400 f/2.0 1/400
Since I have a toddler that doens't necessarily sit still all of the time I am going to need a faster shutter, so that her slight movements aren't blurry. When I'm indoors I try not to let my shutter speed fall below 1/100. At night that is a little more difficult. If I'm outdoors and it's bright and sunny my shutter speed can often be as high as 1/3500. 
_MG_4354.jpg50mm ISO 400 f/1.6 1/400
_MG_4363.jpg17mm ISO 400 f/4.0 1/125
All of these photos were taken in our kitchen. I was sitting with my back to the door, so when Anna was facing me her eyes were capturing the light from those big windows creating catchlights in her eyes. You don't need a ton of light, but it does help to be near a window to use some of that natural light in your home. That's all for now. You guys work on your shutter speed and we'll chat about aperture or ISO next time and Melius cousins mark your calendars!


Laura Melius said...

I am printing this post for reference!

Angela said...

Awesome Jan!!! I texted all the sister-in-laws to check it out and see Laura already did...I copied it for reference, thank you!!

Jodi said...

Love the examples! Looking forward to future lessons. :)

Jo Ann said...

You have the most beautiul kids and their eyes are fantastic. There's no way you could take a bad picture of them!