Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Taste Test

_MG_3218.jpgFor Christmas some members in our congregation gave us farm eggs for Christmas from their own chickens. We go through an outrageous amount of eggs in our home, making me wish we had our own chickens.
_MG_3222.jpgWe decided to have little taste test to see which eggs we liked best.
_MG_3220.jpgRebecca was our chef.
_MG_3223.jpgShe loves cooking eggs for breakfast and she does quite  good job.
_MG_3224.jpgTwo plates. Two different kinds of eggs.
_MG_3228.jpgHere we go. Can you tell which is which?
_MG_3230.jpgWhile the younger children couldn't taste much of a difference I would say that all of us older folk could. The farm eggs just barely edged out the store bought eggs. Now I'm trying to plot a way for us to get some chickens. :)


Heather said...

Justin once cracked one of his parent's eggs in a bowl next to a store egg and had me guess which was which.

It was easy, the vibrant and fresh looking one was his parent's chicken's egg. I couldn't believe the difference! Good luck with your chicken quest. I hope you can figure out a way.

Laura Melius said...

I would love to have our own chickens and eggs--but not the mess they leave behind! :o)

JAN said...

I don't think the mess would bother me. If there was something that needed to be cleaned up we'd have the kids do it. :)

Debbie's L'Bri said...

We have always like home raised eggs the best. Right now we don't have chickens... miss them.