Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Some Nuggets

_MG_3263.jpgLast week some friends invited us to the Denver Nuggets game. To be honest we haven't followed the Nuggets nor have we even been to a game as long as we've lived in Colorado.
photo.jpgGott a love Instagram. There's a ton of cool filters on it. 
photo-1.jpgEven though none of us really follow the Nuggets, Michael seemed to know a little more than the rest of us.

_MG_3270.jpgWhile I don't keep close tabs on the Nuggets I am aware that they are a pretty good team this year. 
_MG_3272.jpgBasketball is a pretty fun sport to watch and easy to follow unlike football.
_MG_3274.jpgThis mascot is Rocky and I have to say that I am not a fan of people in costumes with masks. They freak me out. I don't know why.
_MG_3276.jpgMaybe it has something to do with this little stunt that Rocky pulled on this poor unsuspecting fellow. He dumped a huge garbage can filled with popcorn on the guy. Yikes! I was on edge the rest of the game.
_MG_3290.jpgBy halftime it was almost a blow out. 
_MG_3292.jpgWe had pretty decent seats. The players exited for the lockerroom just below us.
_MG_3279.jpgStill want to get some tatts Adriane? This is "Birdman." I don't think I even know his real name, but he is one of the players that I do know, although not personally.
_MG_3310.jpgHe's crazy and full of tattoos. Some lady dressed up like a bird and asked him to marry her. They showed it on the big screen. It was crazy. The lady I mean; strange, crazy, lady.
_MG_3295.jpgDuring my people watching I spotted this fan with the birdman look. The Birdman used to wear his hair similar to this.
_MG_3284.jpgWhat was really neat about this game is the fact that George Karl is their coach. When I was young my family and I would go to several Seattle Sonics games and George Karl was their coach then. It was nice to see him again. 
_MG_3299.jpgThere were many points scored by the Nuggets.
_MG_3307.jpgAnd that guy, Birdman, is an animal on defense. . .
_MG_3314.jpgas well as offense.
_MG_3325.jpgClose to the end of the game the crowd was really getting into the game chanting "We want tacos. We want tacos." For every game that the Nuggets score 110  people in the city can head to Taco Bell the next day for free tacos. Does this occur in other states? This taco thing isn't just for basketball, the Rockies and Broncos also have similar deals. It's too bad I'm not a big taco fan. We had such a great time I think I'd enjoy going to another game.


Virginia said...

Portland Trailblazer fans also get coupons for free tacos if the Blazers score over 100 points (or maybe it's more this year, I haven't been to a game yet). I love going to NBA game and it looks like the Blazers are going to do well this year.

Lauren said...

Free tacos? Awesome. I'd load up the kids and totally cash in on that treat. Sounds like a fun night.